Consumer Involvement Action Plan

NNIDR is dedicated to creating an environment where people with dementia, their carers and families and the wider public are actively involved across all stages and types of dementia research.

Consumer Involvement in Research Program

NNIDR established its Consumer Involvement in Research Program in July 2018. The vision, values and purpose of the Program are outlined in The Involving Consumers in Research Towards Better Care Outcomes Communique

The NNIDR is committed to the vision expressed in the NHMRC Statement on Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research and will promote its implementation across the dementia research sector.

Being involved in research as part of the research team

What we mean when we say ‘consumer involvement in research’ is research that is carried out with or by consumers and community members rather than on, about or for them. For example:

  • working with researchers and research funders to set research priorities
  • being members of grant application review panels
  • contributing as members of project steering groups
  • commenting on and developing research materials
  • being a ‘research buddy’ or link between the researcher and the public, and
  • helping with dissemination and implementation of research findings.

Our main task to end June 2019 is to develop learning materials for consumers and researchers on how to involve consumers in research.

In late 2018, we established a Consumer Involvement Program Reference Group to help guide us in this work.