Dementia Dispatch Issue 06, April 2016

  • Australian Dementia Forum Overview
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Sponsorship
  • Supplementary Event
  • Call for Papers


Brisbane will be the host city for inaugural Australian Dementia Forum being held from 1-3 May 2016. The forum will provide a unique blend of research, education, inspiration and networking.
The Forum will cover four main themes:

  • Diagnosis/Assessment
  • Care/Living with Dementia
  • Intervention/Treatment
  • Prevention

There will be feature keynote speeches by international and Australian experts including the 2015 Breakthrough Prize winner Professor John Hardy from the UCL Institute of Neurology in London, Professor Pierluigi Nicotera from DZNE in Germany and Australia’s Professor Glenda Halliday from NeuRA.

There will also be many networking opportunities and contributions from the NHMRC – ARC Dementia Research Development Fellows. We are committed to creating a forum dedicated to promoting idea generation and collaboration. This is an outstanding opportunity to discuss developments in dementia research and participate in shaping the direction of future dementia research efforts.

See you in Brisbane! 

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Keynote Speakers

The Australian Dementia Forum 2016 will feature an array of Australia’s foremost researches on dementia as well as leading experts from around the world. The speakers will cover the four themes of the Forum and will take questions from attendees. Additionally, the keynote speakers will be leading panel discussions. Please find bio’s on the key speakers below:

Professor John Hardy

Professor John Hardy

Head, Department of Molecular Neuroscience and Chair of Molecular Biology of Neurological Disease
UCL Institute of Neurology United Kingdom

Professor John Hardy is the Head of the Department of Molecular Neuroscience and Chair of Molecular Biology of Neurological Disease at the UCL Institute of Neurology. In 2015, John was awarded the $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his pioneering research into the genetic causes of Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to science, he was also elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2009.

Professor Glenda Halliday

Professor Glenda Halliday

Director, Sydney Brain Bank, UNSW and
Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), Australia

Professor Glenda Halliday is an Australian Professor of Neuroscience leading a research program of 70 researchers tackling non-Alzheimer's neurodegeneration that stems from her work on frontotemporal and motor neurodegenerative syndromes, and Parkinson’s disease. She is also Director of the Sydney Brain Bank.

She received her degrees at University of New South Wales, and postdoctoral training at Flinders University prior to an ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellow and NHMRC research fellowships since 1988, joining NeuRA in 1993. She has published more than 300 research papers and 2 books, and attracted $30m in grant funding.

Prof Halliday is on the editorial boards of 5 international journals, on Scientific Advisory Boards for 3 research institutes (one international), and is a committee member for a number of international organizations, including the International Brain Research Organization (a member organization of UNESCO).

She was elected president of the Australian Neuroscience Society (ANS 2006-2007), awarded the 2011 ANS Nina Kondelos Prize, and named a high achiever in Australian Health and Medical Research by NHMRC.

Professor Pierluigi Nicotera

Prof Pierluigi Nicotera

Scientific Director and Chairman of the Board
German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Germany

Prof Pierluigi Nicotera, a renowned scientist and leading international expert in the field of neuronal cell death, was appointed Scientific Director of DZNE in April 2009. Prof Nicotera was trained in General Medicine and Cardiology at the University of Pavia, Italy.

He obtained his Ph.D. at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, where he worked subsequently as associate professor. His research has been centred on the molecular mechanisms that lead to neuronal demise following chronic and acute insults. He was awarded the International Prize Gerolamo Cardano by the Rotary Club of Pavia (Italy) for scientific credits in the research of mechanisms determining neuronal death.


There are many opportunities for sponsorship at the Australian Dementia Forum 2016. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or exhibition space, please contact us at​

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Supplementary Event

10th Alzheimer’s + Parkinson’s Disease (A+PD) Symposium
Wednesday 4 May 2016 - Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

*Please note that this is a separate event and your Australian Dementia Forum registration does not include this event.

The 10th annual Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease (A+PD) Symposium on Wednesday 4th May, will follow on from the inaugural NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research: Australian Dementia Forum, that is being held in Brisbane. The day’s program will cover the themes of imaging, molecular mechanisms, therapies, cellular approaches, and will conclude in a round table discussion titled: ‘Gone in translation–Basic research in an aeon of imaging’ discussing the role of basic science and interdisciplinary approaches.

For more information and to register for the A+PD Symposium please visit:

Call for Papers

Have you published a research paper on dementia lately? Have you just had a paper accepted for publication? Let us know and we’ll include a link to it in our next issue! Simply send a link to your paper to