Membership Network

NNIDR Membership Network

Members of the NNIDR contribute to the Institute’s goals of prioritising, coordinating and translating the Australian research effort in dementia.

Become a Member

To become a member, please fill out the NNIDR Membership form here.


There are two types of membership of the Dementia Institute:

  • Individual members
  • Organisational members

Individual members

A person will automatically be granted an individual membership and be expected to participate in the Institute in accordance with relevant agreements if they are:

  • a recipient of grant(s) underwritten by the Boosting Dementia Research Initiative, 
  • a recipient of a grant or tender awarded under NNIDR funding rules, or
  • a member of the NNIDR Board, Expert Advisory Panel or Secretariat.

A person will be eligible for individual membership if they fall within one of the following groups:

  • a researcher, with a demonstrable interest in dementia research;
  • a consumer, defined as a person living with dementia or a carer of a person living with dementia, or family member of someone living with dementia;
  • a non-research health professional, including but not limited to clinicians, nurses, GPs, care providers, allied health professionals.
  • Policy makers, health economists and dementia advocates are also encouraged to become members.

Organisational members

Ex officio organisations that are members include:

  • the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres (DCRC), until unified, whereby the single DCRC will be a member organisation; and
  • the Cognitive and Related Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC).

An organisation will be eligible for membership if it:

  • has a focus on research into dementia and relevant associated conditions (such as cardiovascular or relevant chronic diseases),
  • provides care for people with dementia and associated conditions,
  • develops relevant guidelines, practices, or standards relevant to dementia care, or
  • is committed to adopting evidence-based practice as the guiding principle for its processes (as relevant).

Eligible organisations include but are not limited to:

  • research institutions;
  • funding bodies (including philanthropic and benevolent organisations);
  • consumer or community organisations;
  • dementia care providers;
  • companies and industry bodies; and
  • government departments and agencies.


The NNIDR value a collaborative relationship with our members and welcome participation in the NNIDR community.

  • Opportunity to connect and collaborate with dementia researchers across Australia,
  • Ability to access support for the establishment of special interest groups and meetings,
  • Discount registration to NNIDR events,
  • Priority registration to the Australian Dementia Forum,
  • Training opportunities and industry updates
  • Updates on the NNIDR program and projects through Dementia Research News, and
  • Opportunity to be featured in NNIDR’s Dementia Research News, social media and website.