Research and Activities

Funded Programs

The NNIDR funds a number of programs to boost dementia research in Australia. The programs currently include:

International Research

The NNIDR aims to be integrated with international research and draw on the expertise of researchers, consumers, health professionals, industry and policy makers to improve dementia prevention, treatment and care outcomes. The NNIDR has engaged with a number of international initiatives to ensure Australian participation. Australia, through the NNIDR, is now a 3rd party member of the EU based JPND, allowing the NNIDR to contribute to JPND priority setting while leveraging additional research funding.

Strategically Aligned Programs

Australian Dementia Forum 2017

Register your interest in attending and subscribe to the mailing list for the 2017 NNIDR Australian Dementia Forum.

The inaugural Forum took place in Brisbane from 1-3 May 2016. The forum provided a unique blend of research, education, inspiration and networking. The forum covered four main themes:

  • Diagnosis/Assessment
  • Care/Living with Dementia
  • Intervention/Treatment
  • Prevention

There were feature keynote speeches by international and Australian experts including the 2015 Breakthrough Prize winner Professor John Hardy from the UCL Institute of Neurology in London, Professor Pierluigi Nicotera from DZNE in Germany and Australia’s Professor Glenda Halliday from NeuRA.

There were many networking opportunities and contributions from the NHMRC – ARC Dementia Research Development Fellows. The NNIDR is committed to creating an annual forum dedicated to promoting idea generation and collaboration, and providing opportunities to discuss developments in dementia research and participate in shaping the direction of future dementia research efforts.